• Bonnie Waring

    Plant, microbial, and ecosystems ecologist

    Tropical forest responses to anthropogenic change

    Tropical forests are experiencing rapid alterations in climate, land use, and nutrient deposition. I seek to understand how forest biomass and composition will respond to these changes. Currently, I am conducting a stand-level fertilization experiment to examine nutrient effects on tropical dry forest productivity.

    Plant-mycorrhizal interactions

    I work in tropical dry forests that contain a mixture of arbuscular mycorrhizal and ectomycorrhizal trees. I am interested in how nutrient stoichiometry mediates plant-fungal interactions, and the consequences of the mycorrhizal mutualism for ecosystem element cycling.

    Linking soil microbial community composition and function

    Heterotrophic bacteria and fungi exert strong control over soil carbon cycling and storage. I have used a combination of manipulative experiments, meta-analyses, and simulation models to explore microbial roles in ecosystem biogeochemistry.

  • Publications

    Please see my Google scholar page for the most up-to-date list of publications

    Most of my articles can be accessed on ResearchGate, but please feel free to e-mail me for reprints!

  • Education and work history

    Assistant Professor

    Utah State University

    Visit my new lab webpage here: http://www.waringecologylab.com

    Post-doctoral research associate

    Powers lab, University of Minnesota

    PhD, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior

    Hawkes lab, University of Texas at Austin

    BA, Biology

    University of Pennsylvania

  • Contact info

    bonnie.waring at gmail.com